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Costume India Jewellery to Complement Your Traditional Look

Iindina-jewelleryndian jewellery is worn by many women in today’s society, obviously in India but it is worn worldwide by many women, widely worn at family gatherings such as weddings, birthdays, parties etc….

Indian jewellery comes in many styles, colours and there are many pieces made for different parts of the body, for example you get the necklaces, earrings and headpieces also known as a tikka or matha pathi but you also get jewellery made for your hands, arms, fingers and ankles. These items are usually worn all together as a bridal set but if you wanted to you could wear a few items whenever you want there are no rules!

You can get pure gold Indian jewellery but it is very costly so a lot of women are now opting for costume jewellery which looks the part and often looks better than its gold counterpart, this is because the styles can be varied in a vast array of materials, colours, coloured stones, white stones which include stones like pearl, kundan, polki, diamante and gem. The most popular coloured stone at the moment is a gold coloured one also known as LCT. I think a lot of women will agree that they can buy more costume Indian jewellery  in different styles and colours to match their many outfits for their perfect occasions.

There are many necklace styles like the traditional necklace, rani haar, choker, pendant etc…

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