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Ethnic Polki Jewellery In Contemporary Designs And Styles

polki-jewelleryIf you have heard much about the Polki but are not too sure about it’s worth here is news for you. Polki is the raw, untreated and unpolished form of diamond. These are set in metal to give you stunning jewellery with extremely appealing aesthetics. As they do not have the formal polish of diamond, they have a dull sheen that gives the jewellery pieces that old world charm. Even the most modern Polki pieces can look as though they are a part of the precious family heirloom.

Choosing a Polki Bridal Set

You are likely to come across attractive Polki Jewellery sets that are perfect as the bridal jewellery. The sets will usually comprise of the Polki set Rani Haar, the matching earrings and the tikka. There are often colour options in each of the set designs that are just perfect to complement the colour of the outfit. There are also the Polki set chokers that the bride can match with the long Rani Haar to give herself the ultimate royal look. The matching earring of the chokers will complement the outfit that is usually the sari or the lehenga.

For the Formal Occasions Too

The origin of the Polki Jewellery is from the Mughal royalty that brought the style to India and was further worked on by the royals of Rajasthan. You are also likely to find the single earrings or the hinged Polki Bangles that you may want to match with your outfit for the grand events that you are about to attend. There are some fabulous mix of pearl and Polki that you can choose for the plush evening party and pair with your western gown as well. Most of the jewellery make a fine mix of the contemporary with the ethnic making them apt for the modern woman.