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Wedding Is Incomplete Without Asian Wedding Jewellery

wedding-is-incomplete-without-asian-wedding-jewelleryWedding is an occasion that holds a very important place in everyone’s life. To make this event special both the bride and the groom aspire to look their best in their wedding attires. So, invariably one of the most important parts of that attire is jewellery, especially of the bride. When considering Asia, the culture of wedding holds equal importance for all communities and so is the importance of jewellery. Asian Wedding jewellery provides jewellery for the bride for the purpose of wedding as well as for other occasions.

Indian Wedding jewellery holds a significant place in Indian context. jewellery sets several types including Antique jewellery, jewellery of gold, diamonds, platinum as well as imitation jewellery are considered unique and important in case of Indian Wedding jewellery. While imitation jewellery which is mainly made of colorful stones does not cost much and the cost mostly involves that of the design as well as the labor cost. The jewellery of precious metals provided by Asian Wedding jewellery costs high typically because of the high cost of the metals like gold, silver and platinum. Diamond studded jewellery – the aspiration of every bride to be adorned by them are also as costly depending on the type and purity of diamonds.


The Indian Wedding jewellery is essentially considered incomplete without gold jewellery. However, considerable care needs to be taken while purchasing gold jewellery so that the purity of gold bought is not compromised and it is ensured that we are getting what we are paying for. One way is to check hallmark certification provided by the jeweller on the jewellery. Generally it is mentioned as 22 Karat or 22 K which means 91.6% purity whereas 24K means 100% gold purity. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the Indian agency that is accredited with the process of hallmarking and certification of gold jewellery.

Asian Wedding jewellery provides jewellery which are custom-made according to the customer’s specific requirements. The upkeep and proper maintenance of jewellery is equally important to retain the same shine and look of the jewellery even after several uses. This necessitates that the jewellery should be cleaned at regular intervals at home itself. Also, in a while, the same can be polished from the Asian Wedding jewellery store to get the original look and shine.

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