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What Is The Importance Of Indian Bridal Bangles?

mj226-jpgIndian bridal bangles are very much ethnic in nature and this is why these bangles are in greater demands for almost all Indian weddings. Some of these are gold plated while others are being studded with different kinds of precious stones. Pearl stones are also very much precious and this is the reason maximum brides choose the same.

Premium and high-value bangles belong to royal fashion and thus latest designs are found in them. If you think that these bangles are heavier, then you are wrong. They are very much light-weighted and thus they can be worn even throughout the day. The external shine or glow of these wedding bangles is simply unbeatable and if you make a comparison then you will be easily able to know this fact.

Why bridal chooras are so important?

Bridal chooras are being specially designed and Indian weddings are absolutely incomplete without the use of these bangles. White and red bangles are being mixed together for creating these chooras. Both Sikh and Hindu weddings follow the tradition of wearing these bangles. Though these bangles are made up of plastics but they are very much durable in texture and thus can be used for a long time.

Traditionally, these bridal bangles or chooras have been used in Punjabi weddings and this tradition is still very much active. Nowadays, maroon bangles are also gaining the highest popularity in the present age apart from red ones. These bangles are to be worn in both hands in order to create a magical impression. These bangles cater great finishing touches to different wedding attires. You can even get these bridal bangles in different online stores. These bangles are now also getting worn by NRI brides representing old Indian tradition.

 If you buy these bangles online, then you can get easy delivery of the same within few days and this is how you need not require moving to any store physically. Wedding bangles re quite exclusive and thus can be worn only on weddings. Married women can definitely wear these chooras in order to reveal that they are new brides. These bangles need to be worn at least till one year after weddings and this is the actual ritual. Brides’ sentiments and emotions are also highly associated with these chooras. These bangles are a bit pricy but if you want to make your weddings special, then you have to bear the cost.

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