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A Close Look At Some Of The Most Widely Used Indian Wedding Jewellery

With regards to dressing and fashion, there are a lot of cultural expectations for Indian brides the world over, yet every culture will help in emphasizing the bride’s beauty above all. The bride is expected in being dressed at its best. For a bride, Jewellery is of utmost importance. Some of the most widely used Indian Wedding Jewellery are as follows,

  • Necklace- The Indian bridal Jewellery generally comprises of a couple of pendants and necklaces made of gold, crystals, pearls, semi precious and precious stones. The Thewa and Kundan sets at times have big, multi-layered necklaces having intricate filigree designs.
  • Earrings- The earrings that are worn during a wedding is usually ornate and large. The popular traditional variations will include Polki earrings that are made with gold, semi precious stones, uncut diamonds or ear cuffs which extend till the hairline.
  • Mang-tikka- The mang-tikka is an important piece of Indian jewellery used in the wedding. Basically, it is a forehead ornament that is fixed to the hair while ends below the hairline. Today there are many cultural and regional variations of such forehead and hair ornamentation.
  • Bangles- chura is a popular Indian bridal Jewellery which is a set of bangles in white and red and complimented with gold bangles that is worn till the elbows. Under the bangle range also comes broad bangles such as kangan and bracelets.
  • Nath or nose-rings- it is usually different from the general nose ring. It is rich looking and heavier and comes as a large hoop instead of a tiny stud. Often it is made with gold and pearls and a thin chain that connects to the ear or hair ornament.
  • Rings/Panja- These days most brides prefer to wear the panja rather than heavy rings as a part of the bridal Jewellery. It has a thin bracelet having rings having thin connected chains all over the hand
  • Kamarband- it is basically a circlet made of gold and having stones or small crystals that is worn around a bride’s waist. Typically it is worn with lehenga or saree.
  • Toe-rings/anklets- silver anklets that are attached to the toe-rings are another vital constituent of an Indian bride
  • Bajuband- a bajuband is a big gold bracelet that is worn on the upper arms

Today there are many online Jewellery stores that offer a wide array of Indian bridal Jewellery. Along with this, Asian Wedding Jewellery is also easily available these days.

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