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Evolution Of Indian Jewellery

Indian jewellery has been the captivating heart of woman all around the world since time in memorial. The varieties, designs, embellishments, availability of varied materials and many more factors lead to its popularity globally. Over the years the making modes of creating these have changed however the creativity in its patterns and designs still continue. From Polki Necklace sets to some of the dazzling indo western creations they have evolved with time.

History of Indian jewellery

Use of jewellery in India is since more than 5000 years ago. Beads, strings, stones were few of the elements used to create jewellery in the past. Few of these were found in the Indus valley civilisation that denotes that jewellery was part of culture even then. Initially, they made it simple however with discoveries of metal they started making jewellery out of metals as well. Only after the 16th-century use of precious stones, metal and gems became a part and was more like the symbol of status and pride.

Importance of Indian jewellery

In India jewellerysymbolises more than just beauty. It is worn for varied reasons that include health benefits as well. Thus the sole purpose does not only include adorning oneself. A woman in India now chooses to buy Indian Jewellery Online, unlike earlier times when jewellery was only limited with jewellers and their shops.

More and more woman who have love of Indian jewellery are opting to buy Indian Jewellery Online from anywhere in the world. Times have changed and the numbers of companies that create traditional and contemporary jewellery showcase their designs and creations online so that there are no limitations for woman all around the world to own them.

Gold and silver

Gold and silver are precious as well as sacred. Both of these are usually found in Indian houses.  These are also gifted on special occasions and festivals as a sign of goodwill and prosperity.

Indian jewellery variations

From dazzling works of meenakari to Kundan there is huge variety and used in the creation of different types of jewellery from necklace to bangles. Fusion jewellery is something that is in demand as they look great with Indian as well as western outfits. Diamante Necklaces are one of those that have won the hearts of celebrities as well and thus you may see them flaunting and wearing them at concerts and events.

There is no doubt that the journey of Indian jewellery is very long and there no looking back as they will always proper and win hearts of people all over the world today and tomorrow.

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