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The Beauty And Elegance Of Indian Wedding Jewellery

Indian wedding jewellery is a much favorite of a lot of to be brides. Even those who stay overseas but our Indian in their origin, there is nothing that will replace these jewelleries for them.

Indian bridal jewellery is one of a kind. Their shine and elegance and look beats all the other forms of jewellery and the bride feels the most beautiful one on earth the day of her wedding.

Be it Indian bridal bangles or heavy earrings, there are different choices for different kind of jewelleries and the each type has a specialty and beauty of its own.

The Indian jewellery sets are really very heavy because of all the craft and designing that goes into it with all kinds of precious and heavy stones, but it just adds on to its beautiful sight.

There are diamond sets and gold sets and various other types that cater to all the needs and wants of the brides on her big day. The choices are so many in numbers that one doesn’t get enough of it.

Let us have a look at some of the most favorite types:


Its costly price is so worth the beautiful look that you get to adorn if you go for the kundan jewellery for your wedding. In order to make it the most traditional form of jewellery on your big day, it is encrusted with a lot of stones that are precious and a lot of semi precious gems as well that just keeps on adding the glamour to the look of these jewelleries. It is said to be a very refined form of 24 carat gold and no wonder that it looks so grand.


All kinds of vibrant colors such as yellow, blue, white and green- all of them are used to add the bright and chirpy presence of colors in these pieces of jewellery. This type is absolutely for those who want to add some color to the ornaments they wear on their big day. Some very common kinds of designs are used in this kind of jewellery that has been used since the time of its creation such as peacock, flower, fish or parsley.


You will never hear anything that can beat Indian jewellery made of gold for any bride on her wedding. It is the most elegant and royal form of jewellery and one is sure to be in love with the choice of this type for her wedding. Gold jewellery is totally meant for adding that charm and feeling of royalty that a bride should feel on her big day.

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