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Caring For Your Kundan And Polka Sets

Probably the most established type of gems making, the most perfect and gentlest gold is pounded into fine sheets and mounded around jewels and gemstones.

Befit for a Queen, ace skilled workers at Asian wedding jewelry set the UK have consummated this workmanship throughout the long term ensuring you sparkle no not as much as eminence. What’s more, to guarantee that this piece of legacy stays sparkling always, here are a couple of tips to remember while focusing on your Kundan and Polki adornments:


  • Continuously get gems far from any sort of immediate or circuitous warmth. Warmth can influence the rear of the stone, which isn’t heated evidence causing an adjustment fit as a fiddle.
  • Keep away from any sort of dampness and shut conditions for an extensive period (for example bank storage spaces, adornments boxes which are made of glossy silk or leather).
  • Continuously keep Polki Necklace Sets in the UK in exclusively zip bolted sacks (according to the size of the piece), trailed by addition in a plastic box with discrete parts for each piece. This will help make vacuum and square the section of dampness along these lines forestalling erosion and keeping the piece flawless even in shut conditions.
  • While cleaning the Polki Necklace Sets in the UK that they are sparkling for more, consistently utilize warm non-cleanser-based sudsy water and wipe it dry with a delicate material. As polka and Kundan pieces are inclined to dampness, guarantee they are constantly put away in a dry place.
  • Do visit your gem specialist at any rate once a year to have your valuable sets checked for any indications of missing stones.


  • Keep away from the contact of any room splash or cologne or scent or any shower things as it can cause discoloring of gold in outrageous cases
  • Stay away from the contact of the adornments with any sort of warmth as light during show/stockpiling or from close contact with electronic gadgets like hair dryers that produce heat
  • Try not to utilize any grating cleaners on your gems
  • Keep away from dampness on the adornments while putting away the things in storage in glossy silk or other material boxes
  • Try not to wear gems while putting on cosmetics or styling your hair. Wear the adornments toward the finish of getting dressed as the various synthetics present in cosmetics and hair splashes can influence your gems
  • Try not to keep your gems in any closed area like boxes or cabinets or some other stockpiling place for an expanded timeframe. Take them out once in few months to check whether they have retained their original color or not.

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